Leadership Coaching

What is leadership coaching and who can benefit from it?

Leadership coaching is a relationship established to intentionally improve your capacity as a leader. It is a one-on-one relationship designed collaboratively between you and your coach to maximize your potential as a leader.

It is a valuable tool if you are in a leadership position, desiring to be in leadership position, or wish to improve your leadership. Leadership coaching is for individuals in any type of environment; corporate, non-profit, art, education, military, and medical. Leadership coaching can be valuable to individuals at various levels-the size and scope of the team does not matter. What matters most is the leader’s desire to transition to the next level of performance.

Coaching individuals from the teen years through corporate executives has allowed them to develop their leadership capabilities and succeed in their careers and life. Clients succeed because they develop a strong sense of self- awareness, a clear vision for their future, and a path to fulfillment.

Individuals who could benefit:

  • Students from middle school through college separate themselves from their peers during their academic careers.
  • Recent graduates entering the workforce start on their career path with energy and purpose.
  • Employees make themselves more valuable to their organization
  • Individuals are more confident and readily take on leadership roles
  • Newly promoted managers and leaders lead with confidence
  • Individuals in leadership positions take their leadership to the next level and improve their personal and team’s performance

Leadership Coaching Process

What is the leadership coaching process?

The process is one self-discovery and intentional change based on an ideal vision set by you, the leader. The recommended minimum time period is six months of coaching with one-hour sessions every two to three weeks. I have engaged with individual leaders for well over six months meeting on a regular basis to work on what is most important to him or her.

Sessions be on the phone, or via video conferencing.

The result: You develop into a confidant leader fully aware of your leadership abilities, with a clear vision, your leadership philosophy, and a growth plan.


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